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Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League at Jan 22, 2022 2:48PM PST

Hello Parkwoods families,

As you know, the province announced earlier this week that it will begin gradually easing public health restrictions on January 31st. Yesterday, the GTHL announced that they are awaiting further details around the easing of restrictions from the Ontario government. They are also consulting with Toronto public health and Sick Kids to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place when hockey resumes.

Subsequently the Ontario Hockey Federation announced that all indoor hockey activities could resume on January 31st. It is unclear if this is the date that the GTHL will allow its members to restart programming.

We hope to have more information from the GTHL soon and will let all of you know as soon as we do.

Yours in hockey,


GTHL - Vaccination Policy

Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League at Oct 13, 2021 6:36AM PDT

Made in alignment with Hockey Canada’s Safety Guidelines and the Ontario government’s COVID-19 Return to Sport Guidelines, the Game Plan 2.0 framework was formulated with the expert advice of medical and public health professionals at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as well as Toronto Public Health. The framework aims to get GTHL players back on the ice in a safe, fun, and secure environment while minimizing the risk of infection.

The policy requires that all GTHL Directors and Staff, GTHL Member Executive and Staff, team officials, timekeepers, on-ice officials, instructors, in-arena employees of the GTHL and players who were born in or before 2009 to be vaccinated unless the individual has a valid medical reason or has an approved exemption under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

At the present time, players who were born in or after 2010 are not eligible to be vaccinated.

Start by clicking here: or entering it into your browser.

Please follow all the steps in the registration instructions below to register an account and provide your COVID 19 Vaccination record. Please take the time to complete all the information properly.

We look forward to hockey resuming in our community.


Today we received the news that our fellow local league, Don Mills Civitan Hockey, will no longer be running independently and will merge with Victoria Village. It is sad to see a long-standing organization stop operating independently and we miss them in the community, but we support the decision made by their leadership to ensure the continuity of the hockey season for their players. Victoria Village is a good organization with a similar long tenure in the community.

Some Don Mills players may wish to play elsewhere and Don Mills provided a link to Parkwoods in their communications to their community.

For our families, we want you to know that Parkwoods has strong financials and will be running this season until / unless the pandemic pauses hockey in Toronto. You do not need to worry about your own child’s season. But please register now to secure your child’s spot and don’t forget our referral program. Bring in a new house league player and receive a $25 discount on your child’s fees.

For Don Mills families who may be considering Parkwoods, we have currently have space in our house league divisions. We welcome you and will guarantee your child one friend request so that they can play with someone they know if they join Parkwoods. For select players, some of our teams have spots available, and we may be able to accommodate full teams. We welcome new volunteers and have coaching opportunities available for parents who wish to be involved. Referees and timekeeping opportunities also exist for youth looking for part-time employment. Any questions can be directed to

We look forward to hockey resuming in our community.


The GTHL has released its updated game plan for the return to hockey, which is available on their website GTHL releases Game Plan 2.0 outlining Return to Play framework including Vaccination Policy – GTHL ( While we need to work through the details of the new requirements, we expect to start the season in October as usual, subject of course to the reopening of arenas and public health measures in place at the time.

Please note that the new game plan requires all participants born in 2009 or before (players, coaches and volunteers) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 1, 2021, which means the second dose must be received by October 17th. This does not apply to any participants born in 2010 or later, or to spectators.

We will keep you posted on the impact of the new game plan requirements on our season, as well as any additional requirements that may come from the arena or public health.

Please remember to register your child if you have not already done so, and don’t forget to register on both the Parkwoods website TeamPages: Parkwoods Hockey League – 2021-2022 REGISTRATION – Parkwoods Hockey League and Hockey Canada.

Yours in hockey,

What's is like to play at Parkwoods?

Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League at Jun 28, 2021 9:28AM PDT


Weekly practices run by the team coaches for all age divisions;
All Novice divisions games will be played under the three-minute buzzer format, where each shift is three consecutive minutes (run time) in length;
All games (except Novice) line changes are made “on the fly”;
In younger divisions, teams are expected to rotate players in goal (where applicable) so each player can experience playing the goalie position for at least one game. The coach and bench staff will assign a goalie schedule for every player to each week;
House League games are forty-eight minutes in length;
Games are played on Saturdays with the younger players on the ice first thing in the morning and progressing through the late afternoon for the older players; and
Games are played using a full ice surface in all age groups (except those in the Tyke and Novice Initiation Programs).

Visit our Parkswoods House League tab from the home page to get a glimpse of what playing at Parkwoods looks like.