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Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League at Apr 9, 2022 3:37AM PDT

The FIRST SHIFT program is designed to ensure a positive experience for new-to-hockey families. We want families to experience the game at its best — to understand why so many Canadians feel an inherent love for the sport, and to stimulate a desire for continued participation.

Congratulations to all the kids who participated in the 2022 FIRST SHIFT PROGRAM with Parkwoods. We hope you enjoyed the experience and had fun along the way.!

Parkwoods would like to thank the NHL/NHLPA FIRST SHIFT and BAUER by offering an unforgettable hockey program that is ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE, SAFE, and most importantly, FUN! We believe in all hockey has to offer kids, their families and communities.

Parkwoods is looking forward to hosting the FIRST SHIFT PROGRAM in the 2022-2023 hockey season.


Alistair Hoy (1996-2011) played house league and Select hockey at Parkwoods. Alistair played with tenacity, hard work and perseverance and he battled illness the same way. In 2011 the League created a Memorial Award to honour Alistair. The Alistair Hoy award is given annually in his memory to the most all-around player in the U15 Division (formerly Bantam Division).

The recipient of the Alistair Hoy Award for the 2021-2022 Parkwoods Season is Ryan Lawrence.

Ryan’s character and demeanor both on and off the ice and his dedication to the game of hockey makes him a well-deserved recipient for this award.

Parkwoods President Francis Cooke presented Ryan with the award on April2, 2002 during the Parkwoods Championship Cup day. Congratulations Ryan on winning the award.

For more information about Alistair and the community’s ongoing activities in his memory please visit @project162.

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Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League at Apr 5, 2022 6:07PM PDT

Hello Parkwoods families,

We hope all our players and their families had a great time on Saturday’s Championship Day!

We thank our coaches, sponsors, referees, timekeepers, safety reps and all our volunteers for making our league possible and creating a fun, fair, safe and inclusive environment.

We thank all our players for their commitment to their teams and for working hard every week. We hope you learned a lot, made friends and had fun! We were so amazed to see how much you have all grown and developed your skills this season.

To those players who are graduating and will not be back next season, thank you for the years at Parkwoods. We hope you had a great time playing hockey here over the years and made friends to last a lifetime.

To our parents, thank you for supporting your kids in playing hockey, for choosing Parkwoods and for your patience and cooperation this season with the many and constantly evolving safety requirements.

Yours in hockey,


Parkwoods 2021-2022 Season

Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League at Apr 3, 2022 6:33PM PDT

Hockey is a fun game and Parkwoods aims to have an enjoyable hockey playing experience for all.

On April 2, 2022, Parkwoods Hockey League held their last games and closed out its 2021-2022 season with our annual Parkwoods Cup Championship Games.

Congratulations to all our cup champions and finalists and those who received awards for their on-ice achievements.



On April 2, 2022, Parkwoods Hockey League held their last playoff games to wrap up the 2021-2022 season. Below are the winners for both League Champions and Parkwoods Cup Champions.

League Champions 2021-2022 Season
U9 Tim Hortons White
U11 Orthodontics at Don Mills
U13 Canadian Tire Red
U15 Desjardins
U18 Distinctive By Design

Parkwoods Cup Championship Winners 2021-2022 Season
U9 Tim Hortons White
U11 Wee Watch Daycare Systems
U13 Canadian Tire
U15 Desjardins
U18 Distinctive By Design

We’ll see you again next season.